March 16, 1994 (born)

Degree in Fine Arts – Sculpture at FBAUP (2012-2016). Studied Ceramics and Human Figure Modeling at the Facultat de Bellas Artes in Barcelona (2015).

Since 2010, I been done individual and group exhibitions, such as “Projeções 2016” at Júlio Resende Foundation; at the Biennial in Gaia 2017, with the work Archive of Impressions; or the individual exhibition “The body drags in the raw fabric”, in Vila do Conde, in 2018. In this exhibition I show various experiences of manipulating of the body, as a means or tool for creating random images on paper or fabric. Crawling the body, rubbing on paper or walking on fabric, this are some of the experiments carried out.

In 2019, I open an artistic space in Porto – “Atelier of Sculpture – Ana Sousa Santos”, a space for personal work, teaching and for art exhibition. Since 2018, I teach classic and contemporary drawing and sculpture.  The most recent exhibition was “Sketches of the Body, an exhibition that was present in several cities such as Coimbra, Povoa do Varzim, Paredes and Estarreja, between 2020 and 2022.

In contemporary art themes, I been explored the topic of the human body and how it is projected on different supports and materials.  Search for negatives of the body in low and high relief, such as a work that was exhibited at the 2020 Cerveira Biennial, in Portugal, with the theme “Identity essays | Behind the canvas “, where I present a small pieces of body molds, of my own body.

The performance has been a way of expressing myself. “Properties and appropriations” is a performance that reflects, not only the impact that the footprints of the body make on paper, but also the gender equality and the positive / negative influences we have on each other.

Lately I’ve been dedicating myself to causes of sustainability of the planet earth and how sustainable art can be a solution for it. Or how can I convey a message to the other that makes him act in favor, like the installation “Crossing the line and think” with the vídeo “Red meat line”.

This art installation is presented to us as an appeal to the current problem that is the excessive consumption of animal meat. It is a commitment to planet earth, which each of us, when crossing that same red line made of hamburgers, can reflect on our choices and how it affect ourselves and future generations.


(C) 2010, 2011 e 2012 – Exposições de Final de Ano Letivo, Ensino Secundário Escola Secundária José Régio, Vila do Conde
(I) 2013 – Exposição de Pintura, Escultura, Desenho e Vídeo – Espaço IMANcowork, Vila do Conde
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(C) 2014 – Exposição INATEL 2014, com menção Honrosa com o trabalho Dobrar de Roupa
(I) 2016 – Exposição “A Parte com o Todo” – Clínica Dr. Newton JR e Espaço Cultura AQUIMIK21
(C) 2016 – Exposição Coletiva com Ricardo Pinho intitulada “Reverter” – FAJDP Rua Mouzinho da Silveira nº 234 – Porto
(C) 2016 – Exposição final de Licenciatura – “Todos os Títulos” – Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto
(C) 2016 – Exposição intitulada “Projeções 2016/O Desenho da FBAUP – Lugar do Desenho”, Fundação Júlio Resende, Porto
(C) 2017 – Exposição Coletiva com Ângelo Ribeiro, Guilherme Fonseca, João Macedo e Moisés Tomé – Museu Municipal Pe. José Rafael Rodrigues, intitulada
“Da pedra, bronze e afins”
(C) 2017 – Exposição Coletica com João Batista e Eva Coteiro – Clínica Dr. Newton JR e Espaço Cultura AQUIMIK21, intitulada “Branco não é cor”
(C) 2017 – Bienal de Gaia 2017 – com a obra “Arquivo de Impressões”.
(I) 2018 – “O Corpo Arrasta-se no tecido cru” – Centro de Memória de Vila do Conde
(C) 2019 – Jovem Criador Aveiro – Video “Arquivo de Impressões”
(I) 2019 – Abertura do Espaço Artístico: “Atelier de Escultura – Ana Sousa Santos”, juntamente com peças de autor, no Porto.
(C) 2019 – 17º Concurso Jovem Criador Aveiro – obra “Tingimento”
(I) 2020 – “Esboços do Corpo” – Casa da Cultura de Paredes
(C) 2020 – Bienal de Cerveira – Obra exposta “”Ensaios de identidade |Por detrás da tela (15×15)(2)”
(I) 2021 – “Esboços do Corpo” – Casa da Cultura de Coimbra
(I) 2021 – “Esboços do Corpo” – Biblioteca Municipal Rocha Peixoto
(I) 2022 – “Esboços dos Corpo” – Casa Municipal da Cultura de Estarreja

Prémios Menção Honrosa, Fundação INATEL 2014, com trabalho Dobrar de Roupa 
​Prémio INTERICYCLING 2014 como a obra Mulher Grávida

Sculpture Studio – Ana Sousa Santos